Let’s meet our hosts!



Hello there! Well I’m Cindy. I’ve been a witch since my late 20s. I believe in a lot of things, but I am a skeptic and need things to be proven. I have, what some may say, is an obsession with murderers. I don’t want to be one by any means, but the things some people do to people … well that just says it.





“DJ” Shannon

I’m Shannon – I am happily married to my best friend for 9 years. We have 9 birds, 2 cats and 4 dogs. I am a paranormal investigator, my team has two locations, one in South Central Illinois and our team here in Central Florida. This podcast is just another extension of my growing interest in the unknown. By that I mean, what pushes a serial killer to kill, where do things that go bump in the night come from, and is the boogie man a myth or urban legend? I really want to dig into the past and attempt to come to some kind of conclusion while finding the answers to these questions.



I’m Michelle. I am just here for the tech support! Mostly just kidding. I am the geek wife to Shannon and awesome friend to Cindy! I am the Web Mistress, Editor, Tech Geek, and get to provide the amazing podcast room for the girls.



Staci is joining the team as project editor and tech support! More details on Staci coming soon!