Welcome to Murder at the Crossroads!

How many times have you come to a crossroad in your life. You sat there thinking of which path you should take next. Maybe you were undecided or torn between the two roads that could lead you somewhere unknown. The fables and tales of old taught us that the crossroads were that place between the worlds. An ethereal place where one could exist on different planes. Spirits, good and evil, could visit there looking for lost souls. Thre is a word that is often used for the crossroads – liminality. A place that is most literally neither here nor there but could be anywhere.

We want to talk about all the things that go bump in the night. There are things that scare us and things that make our brains work. There are mysteries to be solved and evidence to review. As paranormal investigators and fans of everything mystery and horror related, we knew that this is where we wanted to take a breather, sit back and chat. Get it all out. Answer our listener’s questions. Maybe solve some cold cases or find answers to the unknown. Maybe some of our stories happened at a crossroad in that person’s life. Or maybe it is our own crossroad and something beyond this realm is making us choose who to talk about for a reason unknown to us. Whatever the reasons, we want to talk about it with you!

Who knows?

We are located somewhere between the Forgotten Coast and the Nature Coast of Sunny FL. If you think our podcast stories are insane, you should hear some FL Man stories!

While our stories aren’t always graphic in nature, they may not all be suited for the younger audiences. There is definitely some freaky #!$%& out there! And all kidding aside, our stories are historical in nature. We really want to look for answers and find things maybe no one else has discovered before.

Just grab a drink, maybe a snack or two and tune in as we begin our journey to Murder at the Crossroads.

What Path Will You Choose…